PGDay Israel 2022

6th Annual PostgreSQL Conference in Israel

October 20, 2022

PGDay Israel is an yearly non-profit event hosted and run by the PostgreSQL Israeli Community
This event is part of the efforts to grow the PostgreSQL community by increasing awareness and providing the appropriate resources to further PostgreSQL adoption
PGDay Israel 2022 is recognised under the PostgreSQL Global community event guidelines and is directly helping the PostgreSQL community
This is the first in-person conference after two years of online operations

Event Venue

AWS Experience Tel Aviv Floor28

Derech Menachem Begin 121, Tel Aviv, Israel

PGDay Israel 2022 would not be possible without our Sponsors



Registration is closed

The number of the participants was limited based on the venue capacity.
Only registered attendees will be able to participate.
You will have to show your Identity card to enter the event venue.
We will ask participants to follow the event organization COVID-19 guidelines.
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PGDay Israel 2022 Program

Get together and morning coffee
Welcome Notes
Michael Goldberg, PostgreSQL Project Code of Conduct Committee member, PostgreSQL Israel Community
Greetings from AWS
Itai Benyamin, Sr. Database Sales Specialist, AWS
KEYNOTE Driving the Future of PostgreSQL Adoption
Umair Shahid, Head of PostgreSQL, Percona
KEYNOTE PostgreSQL Internals Through Pictures
Bruce Momjian, Co-founder and Core Team member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, EDB
PARTNER Sponsors talk
Emil Shkolnik, Co-Founder &CEO, Awide
Asynchronous query execution in PostgreSQL
Gilles Darold, MigOps Inc
PARTNER Gain extreme performance from Amazon RDS with no code changes - at scale
Matan Nataf, Co-Founder &CEO, Rapydo Technologies
Lunch break
Introduction to WITH queries and Materialization
Shawn McCoy, AWS
TRACK A Practical Use Case For OrioleDB
Alexander Korotkov, PostgreSQL Major Contributor and Committer, OrioleDB
TRACK B Query Optimization for Mere Humans
Eyal Trabelsi, Bigabid
TRACK A New features of the WAL-G disaster recovery tool
Dan Zakhlystov, CloudIL
TRACK B How JFrog has successfully migrated thousands of DBs from MySQL to Postgres?
Dmitry Romanoff, JFrog
TRACK A On compression of everything
Andrey Borodin, AWS
TRACK B Optimization techniques for data warehouse powered data apps
Eldad Farkash, Firebolt
Event closure
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Our Special Guests and Speakers

Bruce Momjian
Bruce Momjian
Bruce is Co-founder and Core Team member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, and has worked on PostgreSQL since 1996. He has been employed by EDB since 2006. He has spoken at many international open-source conferences and is the author of PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts, published by Addison-Wesley.
Alexander Korotkov
Alexander Korotkov
Alexander is a PostgreSQL Major Contributor & Committer and Ph.D. in computer science. He contributed to many fields of PostgreSQL, including indexing, statistics, concurrency, extensibility, and more. Alexander was a co-founder of a successful Postgres-oriented company. Now he is the inventor behind OrioleDB, who seeks to deliver solutions to PostgreSQL's wicked problems.
Umair Shahid
Umair Shahid
Umair is PostgreSQL Code of Conduct Committee Chair and the Head of PostgreSQL at Percona and is based in Islamabad, Pakistan. He is a veteran of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, contributing to the community as well as driving commercial success. He is the principal organizer for Islamabad and Dubai PostgreSQL Users' Groups.
Gilles Darold
Gilles Darold
Gilles is a PostgreSQL expert and developer. He is involved in the world of PostgreSQL and Open Source for over 25 years and has worked on many different projects. He is also an expert in Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations and the creator of the well known tool Ora2Pg. Gilles started using PostgreSQL in 1995, and since then he has created some well known tools around PostgreSQL like pgBadger for log analysis, pgCluu for performance analysis or pgFormatter. He has also written various PostgreSQL extensions.
Andrey Borodin
Andrey Borodin
Andrey is an engineer, Sr.SDE at Redshift distributed systems(AWS), Ph. D. He has been researching data indexing since 2008. He teaches at the Ural Federal University and Yandex School for Data Analysis.
Eldad Farkash
Eldad Farkash
Eldad is a serial entrepreneur, investor and big data thought leader. Prior to Firebolt, he founded Sisense Inc, a high growth analytics unicorn, served on its board of directors and as its CTO for 14 years. Eldad is a World Technology Awards fellow, and won the award in 2013 for his In-Chip technology invention.
Shawn McCoy
Shawn McCoy
Shawn is a Senior Database Engineer for RDS & Aurora PostgreSQL. After being an Oracle DBA for many years he became one of the founding engineers for the launch of RDS PostgreSQL in 2013. Since then he has been improving the service to help customers succeed and scale their applications.
Dmitry Romanoff
Dmitry Romanoff
Dmitry is DevOps Data Tech Lead at at JFrog. He is an experienced, dedicated, and highly motivated DevOps Data Lead, Cloud Architect, and DBA. He has extensive experience in the design, development, implementation, and management of large, complex, high-performance, and mission-critical system/software/cloud-based solutions. Dmitry has been giving lectures at conferences and publishing articles and blogs.
Daniil Zakhlystov
Daniil Zakhlystov
Daniil is a software engineer at the Data platform department of CloudIL. He is also participating as a mentor in Google Summer of Code at the PostgreSQL Global Development Group. Daniil is one of the core maintainers of the WAL-G project - an archival restoration tool for PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, MS SQL Server, GreenplumDB, and other databases.
Eyal Trabelsi
Eyal Trabelsi
Eyal is a data architect at bigabid and an independent consultant. He is very interested in databases, machine learning systems, and big data architectures, and making those performant and easy to use. Eyal loves to share his passion with others by organizing Apache Kafka TLV, Pycon Israel, lecturing, blogging, or having a cup of coffee with them.

Sponsorship Opportunity

We would like to invite Enterprises who are using PostgreSQL or have support and services around PostgreSQL to support us in this initiative. They can support us by being sponsors for the conference.
We have two levels of sponsorship opportunities: Partner SOLD OUT and Supporter.
This is the ideal level for showing your support to the community. The price is 3,500 NIS (VAT not included).
Supporter will benefit from:

Please contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you!
The fund raised for PGDay Israel 2022 goes directly to expenses of the conference.
Any proceeds will be kept for supporting next PGDay Israel conferences and local community events.

Abstracts Submission

Abstracts submission is closed
Submission deadline was June, 30, 2022.
Selected speakers are notifed.
Confirmed speakers will be offered a participation in "Speakers Dinner".
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Event Organization

PGDay Israel is organised by PostgreSQL Israel Community and follows the PostgreSQL community event guidelines.
Organizing Committee:
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